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FLÎKR FIRE Portable Fireplace
FLÎKR FIRE Portable Fireplace
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FLÎKR FIRE Portable Fireplace

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FLÎKR is made by hand and guaranteed to be unique! FLÎKR Fire was born out of the desire for a simple indoor fireplace that could operate on clean burning, inexpensive, and readily available fuel. i.e. 70% or 91% rubbing alcohol. Utilizing a proprietary cement, the design is subtly refined in its details and now rests on a custom quartz-like base with a felt liner to protect the resting area.

This piece is inspired by the wabi sabi aesthetic: simply doing what it is designed to do, accepting of cosmetic flaws, and bringing natural elements and textures inside the home.

Enjoy the ambiance that fire can bring, S'mores are effortless no matter what the weather!  What are you waiting for, get lit!


  • With no soot on the ceiling or carbon monoxide (in a well-ventilated space) feel free to use this as an accent/ambience piece anywhere in and around your home!
  • Don't settle for imitations, FLIKR uses proprietary materials that set them apart.
  • 4.25" high x 4.75" wide (on base)
  • 5 oz of isopropyl alcohol will burn about 50 minutes.
  • Non-toxic


  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BLOW OUT, rather snuff out.
  • DO NOT use BIOETHANOL or any GELLED FUEL as these have been known to "spit" fire as they burn and can be hazardous.
  • Please place your fireplace on a stable surface, or security in the sand at the beach.
  • Use an extended lighter or long match to ignite.
  • Keep a safe distance from flammable object, 3 feet or more.
  • Please keep children under supervision while enjoying your personal fireplace.
  • Never leave unattended.