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Preserved Mood Moss 6" Balls

Preserved Mood Moss 6" Balls

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Preserved moss is a rising star in interior plantscape design.  It allows an element of biophilia in spaces without requiring any maintenance.  Preserved moss is harvested sustainably from moss farms. The preservation process keeps the moss forever colorful, soft, and maintenance-free.  

Preserved moss is not to be confused with dried moss, which is dehydrated.  Dried moss is crispy, will quickly turn brown and eventually disintegrate.  Preserved moss has durability, insane decorative powers, and the ability to retain color and texture with absolutely no maintenance! 

Biophilic design is meant to satisfy human's innate desire to be connected to nature. Since we spend roughly 90% of our time in "built" environments, the ideal solution is to bring those natural elements indoors.  Let Mood Moss be a part of your design.

Our preserved Mood Moss Balls pair nicely with our dough bowls, tiered trays, charcuterie, various other accent pieces, and so much more.  Nicely grouped in lanterns, with candlesticks, amongst the Gnomes, just add the Biophilic element in your home and have fun!

  • Preserved moss balls are for interior applications only
  • 6" ball circumference
  • Durable, colorful, soft, and maintenance free
  • Made by hand